Let it Snow!

We have had snow twice this year already!  So exciting!  We started school up again today since we took most off the month of December of due to helping the grandparents move from out of state to here and just lots of things going on.  So my Muppin was crushed when she saw it snowing and had to do school work.  LOL

However, I am not that hard a task-master 😉  She has played in the snow three times today so far!  She is a happy camper.  See with homeschooling, you can have snow days and school at the same time!

Happy Snow Day!  Blessings to all of you!

Here is my little Muppin!

Here is my little Muppin!

A Conversation with Jesus


Woman at the Well by Simon Dewey

Not long ago a conversation I had with Jesus went something like this.

Jesus: Sweet Carri, I have missed spending time with you recently.  Do you miss spending time with me?
Carri: I have been really busy with my daughter’s school, our businesses, house-work and family life in general.  Of course I miss you.  Things are just so demanding.

Jesus: I understand. But you know the Shepherd knows when his sheep wander off for awhile.  I have seen you wandering. 
Carri:  I am not wandering Jesus, I am just very busy, you know how it is.  I love you.

Jesus:  I know you love me, but all the business is just an excuse my love, you know you are truly wandering deep down inside of you.
Carri:  Sigh… I know, I’m sorry.

Jesus: I was glad you came to me with your fear about being ill and all the changes you wish to make.  I am here guiding you and repairing inside of you what needs repaired.  I am your healer.
Carri: I don’t know how I could have handled that without you.

Jesus: I am there for you. But you know I am also there when things are going well.  I want to rejoice with you as much as I want to heal you.  I want to dance with you, love you, break bread with you.
Carri: I know. I forget that sometimes and I get so busy with stupid things that I forget to pray and spend time with you.  I forget to even invite you in.

Jesus: I was just wondering something.
Carri: What?

Jesus: Did you find time to spend with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, through email and other places today?
Carri: Do you need a refill of your drink or something to eat?

Jesus: Nice try. You make time for what is important to you. I want to be as important to you as your computer, friends, writing, chores and family. I want to be important to you, like you are to me.
Carri: Why do you put up with me?

Jesus: Because I love you. And I always will.  You are the reason I came.  You are my beloved.

If you are like me some of your days are very similar to mine.  What is your relationship like with Jesus?  All or nothing?  Mine often is.  When things are great, I have no time for Him, when they are bad, I run to Him.  I often wonder if he allows us to reside in our trials longer only because that is the only way we will seek Him.  Would those trials lessen or be over quicker if we learned the truth?  He wants us to remember that no matter what is going on in our daily lives whether it be burnt toast or birthday’s that He is there waiting for us to run to Him and tell Him all about it. Yes, He already knows, but He still wants to hear it from you.

Think about our own kids, nothing gives us more pleasure then seeing our children run to us with good news, joy filled excitement over what wonderful thing just happened. Jesus wants that with us too. His heart breaks when ours does, and His heart overwhelms with joy when He see’s our happiness and excitement. Don’t keep Him locked out, invite Him in. He is waiting, ever patiently with His love that never fades.

If you are wondering…


If you are wondering why there isn’t much on my blog… well here is the issue.  I have a wordpress.org blog… I like it, but it used to be a blogger blog… I recently had it change and transferred and lost every single follower that way.  (Sigh……..)  Well, in the process of rebuilding that one I haven’t like it much so I decided to try wordpress.com too and see which one I like most.  I will be posting to both, and see which one wins in the end. lol

Here is my other blog address if you are interested!  Grace Unveiled

Happy blogging and thank you for visiting and making my day 😉



Often times we live our lives trying to catch up with what others are doing, with what the world says we should have, trying to look as happy as someone else looks.  Or we think of everything we don’t have, how pretty we are NOT, how fat or ugly we think we are, how little we have in comparison to the friend we have or our neighbor, or with everything everyone else has that we don’t.  Because of this type of thinking we often do not see what we should be grateful for that is clearly right in front of our faces.

I tend to be one of those people.  Many times I will go to someones house for a birthday party, or play date and think, “I could NEVER have these people over to my house!  My house is too small, too simple, too basic!”  I would go as far as to say I would even feel ashamed of my home.  The sad thing is that there is NOTHING wrong with my home!  We live on almost 2 acres of property.  It is beautiful too!  We are out in the country with neighbors that aren’t too close.  We have fresh air, quiet days and star-filled nights.  Our home is small compared to most peoples these days.  We don’t have extra storage space or extra rooms for people to stay the night in.  But it is cozy and we have made it ours.  It still needs some work that will be completed when the money allows but that is ok.  Our house is nice and it is a gift from God!

It is truly sad because far too often I spend so much time thinking about what I don’t have and what others do that I do not see the incredible blessings that are right in front of my face!  I get to live in a beautiful place, with great neighbors and I get to enjoy nature all around me.  I get to live in a place that allows me to homeschool my daughter even when someone else may not understand it.  I have plenty of food to eat, friends that love me and that I love and the most incredible husband and daughter on the planet.  And I get to worship MY God however I choose.  That may not be popular by a lot of people but it is still legal in our country.

So I am on a gratitude journey.  After asking for forgiveness for not appreciating all that God has given me, and repenting of it I am going forward and searching out all the gifts God is giving me each and every single day.  I am going to be posting those things from time to time and I encourage you to do the same.  If you are abundant in your life, even if it doesn’t look like what someone else’s abundance looks like, give up the complaining and praise God!  Because when we are faithful with the little He gives us then we will be blessed with abundance because He can trust what we will do with it.

God bless each and every one of you.  I am grateful for each person that came here today to read what I had to say…  What God has put on my heart… And what God has planned for each and every one of you!

2013, I RESOLVE to live in a constant state of gratitude!

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The Child Training Bible (CTB)

I am excited to be able to provide a review on the amazing new tool to help parents in bringing up our kids with Godly wisdom.  I just received my Child Training Bible (CTB) chart set a few days ago and have been acquiring the other tools I have needed to set up my CTB.  I was excited to start my set up yesterday.

I have to admit that I was expecting a long tiring time of finding all the Bible verses and placing the tabs in just the right place.  However, the opposite is true.  I did the top tabs in a little over an hour while also helping my daughter with her language art and spelling homework at the same time.  So I wasn’t able to just sit and focus the whole time on the Bible.  To me this process seemed to go very quickly.

The only complaint I have so far is the markers.  I purchased the very inexpensive black pew Bible because we have several other versions already and I didn’t have the money to spend on another expensive version.  The Bible is perfect, however the darker colors of the marker bleed through to the other side of the page.  You can see in the picture the color is great to see the Bible verse on the page it is intended for, but I didn’t like the bleed through.  So instead of using those markers for the rest I used the Sharpie Pens… NOT Sharpie Fine Point Markers… they are different.  I use the pens to underline my text.  You can find them on Amazon herehere.

I use the Sharpie Pens in my good Bible every single day with no bleed through so I love them!!! A LOT!!!  🙂  And they come in all the colors I needed for the CTB.  If you are going to use a nicer Bible for this I would recommend testing the marker on a page in the back to see if it bleeds through or not.  If it does, then the Sharpie Pen is an excellent option!

I plan on finishing my tabs today so that I can get started right away on using this with my daughter.  I have one word of caution!  As you read the Bible verses that you are underlining, you may be convicted on your own behavior 😉  God is good, all the time!

Keep your eyes open for more about the CTB in the very near future.   In the meantime to check out their website please go to the Child Training Bible or you can click on my picture above to watch a tutorial on how it works.  Also keep your eyes open for a future giveaway!

If you have been using the CTB I would love to hear your feedback.

Disclaimer ~ I received the Child Training Bible Chart Set for free in order to provide you with this review.  However, all of these thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own and have been given with all honesty.  Thank you!