Blood Moon

Acts 2:20

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There is so much today that would break my heart if I would let it.  So much suffering that on some levels there would seem to be no god at all, especially not a holy God above us.  But then you glimpse the tiny little things that cause you to wonder and ask… “Was that god?”

There are so many things that would drown out the voice of Him who calls our names that we are in danger at all times of not hearing a word He says, not seeing the miracles He performs, not feeling the love that He pours out.  The evil is growing, it is prowling and growling and stalking it’s prey… you… me… all of us.  If he could only get us to doubt that what we hear isn’t really God, or what we saw wasn’t really a miracle, then he has us.  If he can get us to shed our own blood, ruin our own lives, sacrifice our own beliefs, then we are truly his slave.

He tried to destroy our protector 2000 years ago and in the moment that he thought he won he was fully defeated and it angered him so deeply that his sole desire is to tear each of us into terrible tiny useless and ineffective little pieces.  We are the hated, despised, loathed and we have become the hunted.  We are the prey.

The blood moon is coming and as it makes its way the enemy of our soul will stop at nothing to make us believe a little less, pray with less passion, seek rarely and love conditionally… all only shadows of the real power He has given us.  If he can do those things, though we “may” be saved our treasure will be small because we were not a true light in the darkness of this world.  We were too busy listening to him who binds our minds to hear Him who frees all of us if given the chance.

How will He find you on that great and glorious day?


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The Small Things In Life


Today has been a busy one.  I started with CrossFit this morning, then homeschooling and Bible study and so on.  While in the middle of some paperwork my daughter ran through the back door screaming my name (fortunately in a good way) and I immediately rolled my eyes thinking, “Now what? Can’t I get a solid 10 minutes of quiet?!”  Shame on me because her interruptions are always lessons for me.  I heard someone say once, “When someone wants your attention, you have more influence on them than at any other time in their lives.  Make sure you are a good influence.”

As you can see from the pictures I  decided to be that influence and follow my daughter so she knows to always treat people well even if she is busy.  What she wanted me to see was some super tiny snails that had made a home of a box she was playing with outside.  Now, we don’t get snails here very often, I don’t think I have ever seen them other than when we have been at the beach.  We get lots of huge nasty banana slugs but not snails.  What a treat!  I had to take a few shots to let you see the little guys.

snail 2

I also took the pictures to remind us that no matter how small our lives are to us or the rest of the world, there is a place for us and it is a place of beauty.  Don’t forget that!  You are God’s creation… Fearfully and Wonderfully made!

“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.  I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”  Psalm 139:13-14