Free Write Friday – Via Our Homeschooler

I love Free Write Friday (FWF) and have not done it in a while!  Kellie Elmore is an amazing writer and has a weekly writing tool for those that want to have as much fun as she does. Each week it is a different prompt and this week it is this…

This house has a story…what is it?

Image Credit: We Heart It

Our daughter saw the prompt this time and wanted to write something.  We are a homeschool family and love any new challenges she is willing to take.  So I told her if she did it, I would post it.  She wrote this in 20 minutes. So here is my 9 year old daughters take on this old house.  Thanks Kellie for inspiring even our daughter!  She hopes to have a book published soon (she has written several chapter books) and it makes this mom’s heart glad.

A  Magical Thing

Cloe and Justen jumped into the magic tree house and they sat down and waited for their next mission.  The tree house started to spin and it shook then everything went black!  Finally the black faded off and there was light.  The tree house stop spinning and shaking

Justen and Cloe climbed out.  The magic tree house disappeared.  Justen and Cloe looked around and there was a white house that was a little broken down.

“Does anybody live here?” Cloe asked.

“I don’t know but maybe that’s what we’re here for.  We are detectives you know?” Justen replied.  They climbed over the fence and hid behind a tree.  “Let’s sneak inside and find out if anyone lives here,” Justen said.  “Well,…ok.” Cloe replied.

They snuck up to the porch and Cloe looked in the window but it was too dark to see inside.  Justen creaked open the door, the wind blew and it was a little scary but Cloe and Justen kept going and went inside.  “It looks more beat down in here, “ Justen whispered. “Yeah,” Cloe replied.

They looked around and a sound came from upstairs, it sounded like a knock. “Knock, Knock!”   The sound came. “Hey, Cloe did you hear the knock.  Let’s go see what it is,” Justen said as he pulled out his flashlight and turned it on.  All that came from Cloe was a nod.  So they snuck upstairs.  There was  a long hallway and they walked down it.  At the end of the hall was door with a poster hanging on it.  The poster was so thick that it sounded like a rock banging up against the door in the wind.  Cloe and Justen walked up to it and held their flashlight to it.

It said, “Gold! Don’t come in! Gold!”  Cloe and Justen almost screamed at the same time, they opened the door.  There was a chest with a key laying on top of it.  Cloe and Justen grabbed it together and unlocked the chest.  The chest was full of gold.

Justen and Cloe’s eye’s were wide, they were speechless.  The room started to glow and a man walked in from the light and said, “I’m am awarding you with this gold.  You are one of my helpers, but I warn you.  Use it wisely,…”  He stopped for a minute then said, “I love you!”

The room glowed again and he was gone.  Cloe squealed.  They carried the chest outside, the magic tree house appeared.  They put the chest in and climbed in it.  And as the tree house started to leave, they saw the same man standing next to the house smiling.  They waved to him and he waved back.

~Muppin Schutter ©March 2014

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28 thoughts on “Free Write Friday – Via Our Homeschooler

  1. I am so happy you shared this story! Your daughter is talented beyond her years! I was honest to goodness, in awe and completely captivated with her story. I was right there in my mind, watching it play out like a movie in my head. She is great with imagery and had a wonderful story line with a fantastic plot that kept me wondering and imagining the what if’s. I love that! Very proud of her! She did brilliantly! I hope she never ever stops writing, and I hope even more that I can one day buy her books! Big huge hug to Muppin for her first, and hopefully not the last of her FWF stories! Muaaaaaaaah! xoxoxox


    • Thanks Kellie! I think she is great! She has written some chapter books already and her current one she is working on is amazing. Her imagery in those is even more incredible because she has time to really think about it. We don’t correct her writing other than grammar, spelling and that kind of thing. Or if she is confused on how something works we will explain it to her so she can capture it better. But I have been shocked how good she is and feel it is a true gift. Mark and I love to write, and I think she has gotten bitten by that same bug and hope she takes it so much farther than either of us ever have! I read what you said to her, her smile couldn’t be bigger and her heart couldn’t be fuller. Hugs to you friend!



  2. Dear Muppin, I read your post and I really liked it. I found it to be, not only entertaining, but very interesting. I also liked your character development, the way that the characters start from the beginning and grow. I think you are really talented and I’m so glad you contributed to this. Feel free to look at mine (with your mom’s permission of course only) and I hope you write again. Your fan, Laurie


  3. I was tired when I read the story above last night, just could not get over the the magic tree house that can spin, and go places. The way it felt story, and game orientated all at the same time, with some serious detective business, prepared for anything. Muppin, you’ve a good sense of flow and pacing as a writer. An amazing piece, but what of Cloe and Justen now, what are they about to embark on, no gold is free.


    • Thanks Liz… She writes a LOT.. She has written several short stories as well a few chapter books. All her own creation and all better by far that her free write here. She has an incredible imagination and is great at putting it in words. I think her love for reading helps her imagination.


  4. Reblogged this on To See What I See and commented:
    An aspiring young writer joined in our Free Write Friday prompt and I wanted to share what this 9 year old came up with in 20 minutes. I can’t wait to read what else she writes! 🙂


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