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The Three Amigos!

I am a wife to an incredible man and I love being with him more than anything!  I also have a beautiful 8-year-old little girl who is the joy of my life!  For the purpose of this blog she will be named Muppin in order to keep her identity somewhat private.  I enjoy keeping busy with my family and it is one of the single most amazing blessings the Lord has bestowed on me in my life.

I am in love with the Lord and am excited for what He has planned for me.  I have embarked on a new adventure over the last few years, one not only as a stay-at-home mom but now as a homeschool mom as well.  I love my church and have a desire for Women’s Ministry and love helping women see the potential in themselves!I am a writer and I am having fun working on a devotional that I hope to publish someday.  I have a passion for photography and get to have fun with that sometimes too.  I am also working on creating some notebooking pages for my daughter to use in school and will hopefully be selling them soon as well.  It will all depend on where the Lord leads me!

I never expected to work so hard or to be so busy yet not work outside the home.  But it is a blessing beyond imagining, and I am grateful to God for every single minute of it.  Each and every day I have here with my family is filled with all the ups and downs you can imagine, yet He is the author of my day, and it is very good!

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My Facebook Page ~ Grace Unveiled

My Twitter Page ~ Grace Unveiled

My Store ~ My Fine Art America Page

My Etsy Page ~ Inspirations by Carri


My husband is also a very brilliant writer and painter.  You will be blessed with his gifts at his sites below.

MalekoArts Blog ~ MalekoArts Blog

MalekoArts Twitter ~  MalekoArts Twitter

MalekoArts Store ~ MalekoArts Fine Art America Page

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I found your site. It is wonderful to meet another sister in Christ in the blogging world. May the Lord continue to bless your endeavors to share His love.

    Many blessings,


    • Thank you so much Cheryl! I am so happy to have you here as well! It is a true blessing to me that anyone would come and visit me at all 🙂 Welcome and I look forward to getting to know you!



  2. Hi Carri – I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award, Beautiful Mama Blog Award, and Super Sweet Blogging Award. Please don’t feel pressured to accept any of them. I simply chose you because I felt that your blog was worthy of those awards. If you would like to accept any or all of the awards, you may do so by clicking onto this link:


    As I said before, please don’t feel any pressure to accept. I just wanted to bless you, because your blog blesses me.

    Much love,


  3. Hi there! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you & was wondering if you could please email me when you have a free moment. Thanks! I really hope to hear from you soon and appreciate you taking the time. ☺ cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com


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