Independance Day Fun!

We live in the country, and though we complain often of how long it takes to get everywhere, there is nothing more wonderful sometimes that country life.  For example, we have amazing neighbors who are so much fun.  We walked a couple houses down from us to spend the time watching fireworks last night.  It was crazy!  There were large fireworks going off everywhere!  Who needs to drive and pay to see them when you can sit at home with friends and enjoy them together.

Here are some of my pictures from last night, I hope you enjoy and that you are truly blessed this season!  Summer can be so much fun!  God Bless you, and God Bless America!

4th 21

Thankful Thursday!

It is Thankful Thursday again and I love this day.  I do a lot of thinking on what I need to fix about myself and my surroundings and life in general and sometimes being thankful just isn’t in the mix.  And that can get depressing.  But you know, I have so much to be thankful for that I should be doing it on a daily regular basis.

Michelle over at Divas With A Purpose has decided to do just that for Thankful Thursdays!  She is going to list what she is thankful for one day at a time… one each day this week.  I think that is a wonderful idea so I will be doing the same thing.  I will add something I am thankful for each and every day this week so don’t forget to check back to see the rest of the list!

Day 1-  I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine that we have had all this week.  If you know anything about Western Washington, you know this time of year can be very rainy, grey and wet!  The sunshine has been love for my soul.

Day 2-  I am thankful that I can work out again and get back to being healthy.  God is good even through the pain 😉

Day 3-  I am thankful for my church and the leadership we have.  My pastor, Jon Cobler, is an amazing man of God and I am grateful to him for listening to God when preparing to teach us.  This week he had a plan and notes and on Saturday morning God said, “But I want to say this!”  And our pastor listened.  Because of that I am now paying attention to my belief in something very simple…. I believe God can… but do I believe God will?  It is important for us to believe God desires to and will do what He said He will do!  Just food for thought for you!

Day 4-  I am grateful for my mother and father-in-love.  They are truly great people and care for us very much.  I love seeing my daughters eyes light up when they are around.  It was wonderful spending time with them today.

Day 5-

Day 6-

Day 7-

Click the picture below and join us in Thankful Thursday!  Have a blessed day!

Thankful Thursday