Which Way Do I Go?

Daisy 2Hello friends!  I have been dealing with a bit of a head-scratching dilemma since switching from Blogger to WordPress.  I very much liked my blogger site and had no trouble with it.  The reason I made the change was because all the websites I had been reading that discussed monetizing your site all suggested the change.  It has been less than fun though.  I was blessed to be able to find Blogelina!  She was able to do the entire transfer for me and that was wonderful!  It was quick and easy.  But the learning curve for me, not so much!  lol

First, I lost many of my followers in the switch.  Then I just couldn’t get my theme to look like I had it on Blogger, it was close, but there were some things that I didn’t like and it kind of bugged me.  LOL  I finally came to terms with it and then WordPress updated right before Christmas!  When that happened my blog theme stopped working and I have had to fight my way back to what it is now.

In the mean time when it seemed this site would not work, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the problems that were occurring I started a new blog with WordPress.com (this one 😉 )  and was ready to completely give up on my WordPress.org site.  I gave this new blog the same name as the other blog.  I was planning on just starting over.  This one has taken off better than I expected and I am getting great feedback!

So here is my issue, now that the other one is working again and the bugs are worked out, which website do I keep?  Or… do I keep both and if so, what do I do with them?  Do I make one my blog where I discuss my faith, and the other my blog where I discuss school and family?  I don’t know and to tell the truth!!!! It is stressing me out!

Here is where you come in.  I would love for you to go to my other blog, Grace Unveiled and look around and then let me know here which one you prefer and what you think of having two sites or just one.  Would you please do that for me?  It would mean more than you know!  At this point I am leaning to just keeping this one and enjoying everyone here.

I look forward to hearing back from you!  Blessings!

If you are wondering…


If you are wondering why there isn’t much on my blog… well here is the issue.  I have a wordpress.org blog… I like it, but it used to be a blogger blog… I recently had it change and transferred and lost every single follower that way.  (Sigh……..)  Well, in the process of rebuilding that one I haven’t like it much so I decided to try wordpress.com too and see which one I like most.  I will be posting to both, and see which one wins in the end. lol

Here is my other blog address if you are interested!  Grace Unveiled

Happy blogging and thank you for visiting and making my day 😉