Homeschool Freedom – Beware of Shiny Things!

How many times have I tried to veer from the course that has been laid ahead of me?  Homeschooling is that course and sometimes I feel like there are a million different avenues that sit before me that can “help” me homeschool my child.  There is always a new book, new method, new computer program, new teaching philosophy, a new something.

charis horse studyOne can get caught up in all the bright shiny new things that continually come along and before you know it you feel terrible because you didn’t buy this or that and you feel completely confused.  You feel you lost out because you didn’t see that new method before you started the one you have.  Before long you “think” you  have done it all wrong and your child is now going to suffer because that new curriculum you purchased last year to help her through her learning isn’t good enough. It isn’t as awesome as the new one that you are looking at right now that just popped up in your email for only $399.00!

It is so easy for us as parents to see all the bells and whistles of the new and improved things out there and think they are better than what we have, and you know what??? Who cares!!!!  Our children learned quite well for thousands of years without iPads, iphones and brightly colored curriculum.  Our kids thrived and learned while lying on a blanket outside in the grass drawing what they saw.  We need to remember that we found good things in what we purchased for our kids in the first place and those things will do their job and everyone will be happy.  We need not stress over all the shiny new stuff that is thrown at us each and every day.

We need to teach our kids to stay the course, not because we said so, but because we did so ourselves.  Our kids watch everything we do and repeat it.  Let’s teach them to repeat good things!  Our kids will thrive and flourish with what we have to offer and if we don’t offer them the new and improved method, it is not going to rob them one bit.  Our kids are learners without our help.  And if we stop putting so much emphasis on a particular method and instead make the journey interesting, informative and even fun (you know, the process of learning)… they will see that when they stay with something, no matter what that something is… there is value and they will go far.

Which Way Do I Go?

Daisy 2Hello friends!  I have been dealing with a bit of a head-scratching dilemma since switching from Blogger to WordPress.  I very much liked my blogger site and had no trouble with it.  The reason I made the change was because all the websites I had been reading that discussed monetizing your site all suggested the change.  It has been less than fun though.  I was blessed to be able to find Blogelina!  She was able to do the entire transfer for me and that was wonderful!  It was quick and easy.  But the learning curve for me, not so much!  lol

First, I lost many of my followers in the switch.  Then I just couldn’t get my theme to look like I had it on Blogger, it was close, but there were some things that I didn’t like and it kind of bugged me.  LOL  I finally came to terms with it and then WordPress updated right before Christmas!  When that happened my blog theme stopped working and I have had to fight my way back to what it is now.

In the mean time when it seemed this site would not work, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the problems that were occurring I started a new blog with (this one 😉 )  and was ready to completely give up on my site.  I gave this new blog the same name as the other blog.  I was planning on just starting over.  This one has taken off better than I expected and I am getting great feedback!

So here is my issue, now that the other one is working again and the bugs are worked out, which website do I keep?  Or… do I keep both and if so, what do I do with them?  Do I make one my blog where I discuss my faith, and the other my blog where I discuss school and family?  I don’t know and to tell the truth!!!! It is stressing me out!

Here is where you come in.  I would love for you to go to my other blog, Grace Unveiled and look around and then let me know here which one you prefer and what you think of having two sites or just one.  Would you please do that for me?  It would mean more than you know!  At this point I am leaning to just keeping this one and enjoying everyone here.

I look forward to hearing back from you!  Blessings!

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool (part 1)

Wow, life brings us to strange places, places we would never have expected to be.  Some are good and some… not so much.  We have a beautiful eight year old daughter and if you would have asked me 8 years ago if I would ever consider homeschooling the answer would have been a resounding NO!  Be careful, because those things you say no to could end up being maybes, then they might just turn into a great big old yes.   And that yes just might come to you louder than the before-mentioned NO.

I have often been asked why we chose to homeschool.  And if I am not asked why when they find out I get this sideways look as if I am one of the strangest creatures on earth.  What is going through their head???  Do they think I am crazy for homeschooling or are they fascinated and just too afraid to ask?  I will never know and just smile and move on.

Well, some things did happen to urge me and my husband to consider homeschooling.  First, it was incredibly painful for me to leave my daughter all day long at school with someone else.  I love my daughter, surely I was meant to have more time with her!  Right???  I remember crying daily after I dropped her off wondering if I would be able to handle her being gone every single day.  It took years to get pregnant, and I felt as if I was already being forced to give her to someone else.  It was painful, as most parents, I love my daughter deeply.

She loved school to begin with and had no problems for the first couple of months.  Then it started, she went through a lot of teasing for being small, which is of course something you can help your child work through even though it is painful to see their tears.  Then came the bullying.  Two boys got physically abusive with her.  One was a minor situation that was handled and taken care of immediately never to happen again.  But the other boy caused much more trouble than the first one.  He was choking her on a regular basis and ended up picking her up throwing her down on the ground on her head which resulted in a neck injury.

Now through all this we were “working” with the school to get the situation resolved and were assured more than once that it was being handled.  The boy was being watched and wasn’t going to be allowed anywhere near her without supervision.  But clearly that was not happening.  By the third semester when I would pick my daughter up from school she would get migraines and as we would drive home she would scream, cry and hold her head because it would hurt so much.  The joy of going to school and learning was gone.  She didn’t love learning anymore, or being at school.  My baby was miserable all day, everyday… except on the weekends when she would let her guard down and feel free.

And before you ask, yes we did take her to the doctor and his diagnosis was stress related migraines.  Remove the stress, they will leave.  How do you remove a stress when you are not there to make sure it doesn’t happen?  It was all I could do to take her to school and drop her off and often I sat in the parking lot waiting and praying for her until the day was over.  Many prayers went to heaven over this situation!

Like many other parents though, I felt I had no other choice.  Children HAVE to go to school.  It is the law.  Many tears flowed.  And that is when my search began … what was I going to do to protect my child and get her to love learning again?  What was I allowed to do???  Check back tomorrow to see more of our journey!

What was your journey to homeschooling?  How did you come to the decision to take your child’s education and happiness into your own hands?



Often times we live our lives trying to catch up with what others are doing, with what the world says we should have, trying to look as happy as someone else looks.  Or we think of everything we don’t have, how pretty we are NOT, how fat or ugly we think we are, how little we have in comparison to the friend we have or our neighbor, or with everything everyone else has that we don’t.  Because of this type of thinking we often do not see what we should be grateful for that is clearly right in front of our faces.

I tend to be one of those people.  Many times I will go to someones house for a birthday party, or play date and think, “I could NEVER have these people over to my house!  My house is too small, too simple, too basic!”  I would go as far as to say I would even feel ashamed of my home.  The sad thing is that there is NOTHING wrong with my home!  We live on almost 2 acres of property.  It is beautiful too!  We are out in the country with neighbors that aren’t too close.  We have fresh air, quiet days and star-filled nights.  Our home is small compared to most peoples these days.  We don’t have extra storage space or extra rooms for people to stay the night in.  But it is cozy and we have made it ours.  It still needs some work that will be completed when the money allows but that is ok.  Our house is nice and it is a gift from God!

It is truly sad because far too often I spend so much time thinking about what I don’t have and what others do that I do not see the incredible blessings that are right in front of my face!  I get to live in a beautiful place, with great neighbors and I get to enjoy nature all around me.  I get to live in a place that allows me to homeschool my daughter even when someone else may not understand it.  I have plenty of food to eat, friends that love me and that I love and the most incredible husband and daughter on the planet.  And I get to worship MY God however I choose.  That may not be popular by a lot of people but it is still legal in our country.

So I am on a gratitude journey.  After asking for forgiveness for not appreciating all that God has given me, and repenting of it I am going forward and searching out all the gifts God is giving me each and every single day.  I am going to be posting those things from time to time and I encourage you to do the same.  If you are abundant in your life, even if it doesn’t look like what someone else’s abundance looks like, give up the complaining and praise God!  Because when we are faithful with the little He gives us then we will be blessed with abundance because He can trust what we will do with it.

God bless each and every one of you.  I am grateful for each person that came here today to read what I had to say…  What God has put on my heart… And what God has planned for each and every one of you!

2013, I RESOLVE to live in a constant state of gratitude!

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