A new Acapella song by my Muppin with all original lyrics and tune!  She is so talented and I just love her creative heart.   She wrote this song all by herself and came and asked me if I would listen to her sing.  She then sang it to me again later and it was exactly the same so I just had to record it.

She has said since she was very small (3 years old) that when she grows up she wants to sing and dance on stage to raise money for the poor so they can eat.  I pray that the Lord grows her each day and helps her realize her dreams.

Sorry for the poor quality, I do not have a smart phone yet 🙂

Worn ~

I know this has been shared before many places.  But it is a really good song and I love the restoration that is so evident in it.  As a stay at home/homeschool mom I way too often feel this way and I am blessed to have the One who can restore anything restore me when I need it most!

What goes on in your day to cause you to feel worn?

This is “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North.