Happy Thanksgiving!


I pray that your day will be filled with great joy and moments of thankfulness.  Remember to thank your amazing creator for his loving sacrifice for you!  God bless!!!


Boston Marathon Tragedy

4/15/13 – Another day to Never Forget…

Yesterday was my birthday.  I have trouble with my birthday each year due to sadness that fills the month of April in our home and the memories of things in my past that haunt me on a regular basis, thought not as much as they could if Christ wasn’t ministering to my heart on a continual basis.

Yesterday my family wanted to make the day special and all I wanted was to stay home and spend time alone in the quietness of them.  Not far into my day as I searched the web I was shocked and saddened to see the events unfolding at the Boston Marathon.  Sadness, anger and fear rose inside of me as I sat thinking about how I watched 9/11 unfold in the exact same way, watching live as the second plane flew into the tower, watching them fall and watching thousands die.  With disbelief I watched yesterday and thought “maybe it isn’t so.”  But it was.  Lives were ended, ripped apart and torn into pieces and not one person could change the fact that the horrid actions of a few changed the lives of so many forever.

I don’t know anyone that was hurt, but it affected me none-the-less.  When those that are loved by God (all of the human race) are hurt He cries, and so do I.  It isn’t His will for anyone to be hurt the way they were and are being hurt still today.  But He is with us giving us strength even when we don’t feel Him.  I have faced some terrible things and I didn’t always feel Him when I was going through those things, but I surely saw His hand when the time was right.  Seeing what He saved me from truly gives me a perspective of How incredibly loving and HOLY He is.  I don’t deserve to be saved, forgiven and I don’t deserve to receive any blessings at all… but He provides all those things anyway… freely.

I have been playing the song “Lamb of God” by Tenth Avenue North over and over again and what strikes me is that no matter what tragedy falls us, no matter who wills to destroy us He is still Holy, Worthy and Able and I will trust in Him for all my needs especially when I understand nothing… nothing at all.

This verse stands out to me more than any other…

“How do I dare approach this Holy One
The One who was and is, was and is to come
Robed in righteousness and mystery
We have only just begun, just begun to see
So I come broken through
The blood of Your Son and I kneel before You”

I pray for every single person hurt by this tragedy, that the Lord not only heals wounds of the body and of the heart but also of the spirit.  I pray the blood of Jesus over each person and pray that they would know His healing touch and His deep and forever free gift of salvation.  I pray that they would see that He is a God who is mightier than any foe out there and that all He wants to do is to be the one to fight for us.  All we need to do is ask and believe He will do it.  Even if it happens in a way we are not expecting.  God bless each of you in Boston and elsewhere affected by this tragedy.


Good Friday Surprise

Good Friday is definitely good.  I am truly grateful for Christ and His sacrifice that He made for me and everyone who accepts Him.  Last night was a great time at church and I was proud to be part of a church that honored Him in such a great way.

I took my daughter with me to church and since daddy couldn’t be with us I brought a notebook for her to draw in so I could listen without a lot of interruptions.  She is eight after all and sometimes grown-up sermons just don’t excite an eight-year-old like they do me.  🙂  So after all the music was done and we sat down to listen to Pastor Jon speak on Good Friday.  I handed Muppin the notebook and pen and she went to town.  However, not in the way I expected.

After a few minutes I looked down to see what she was so intently drawing and was shocked to find no pictures at all, but diligent writing that was flowing out of her little fingers as fast as she could.  She was taking notes!  Sermon notes!  I could tell she was a bit frustrated and I told her it was ok to draw if she wanted and her response was this, “I want to take notes mommy, I love what He is talking about but I can’t spell fast enough to keep up!”  So I told her forget the spelling, just write what you want as fast as you can and we will correct it later when she wants to rewrite it.  My heart jumped for joy because of her love of the Lord.

Here are her notes, uncorrected…
so please have grace for an eight year old 😉

Good Friday, March 29, 2013, page 1

Good Friday, March 29, 2013, Page 2

She had several points she wrote down that were great, but page two sums it up for us all in a super simple but perfect way.  I will translate 😉

“We can be ok because Jesus died for our sins, our sin wouldn’t be healed without the cross.”

Is there any more pure truth than that?  Thank you Jesus for dieing on the cross for each of us, and for giving my daughter such a love for you that it gives me more faith every single day.

Bless each of you today!  Easter is coming!!  And He is Risen!!!!

What Makes Good Friday Good?

We hear a lot about Easter, and what makes it good.  The risen Savior!  But what about Good Friday?  Why would anyone want to celebrate the day that the world savagely beat, whipped, mocked and murdered the Son of God?  This is why…

Why Good Friday? from Church of Living Water on Vimeo.