in that moment i swear we were infinite The perks of being a wallflower

Image Credit: Maddy Bartlett

Have you ever had it?  I have had it.  More than once to be exact.  And when I had it I felt and thought of nothing else.  It was glorious!  Because of it I have had wonderful feelings of peace, safety and awareness that I was not alone anymore.  Not much in this world affords us those feelings.  They are pure gifts from God.

I never thought I would feel this way.  I mean, I never wanted to feel this way.  I was going to be alone for the rest of my life.  I didn’t want anything to do with ’till death do us part’ and certainly wasn’t hoping for even the short term thing.  I trusted no one, and men even less.  I was happy and content relying on myself.  Well, maybe not happy… and well, maybe not content either.  But I was used to it and it seemed safe.   Amazing how what seems safe can be fatal and what seems dangerous can save our lives.

As you probably know by now I talk of a man.  And I must say… poor man indeed, he didn’t know what he was in for!  He didn’t know he had to break down the steel wall standing between him and me.  He worked hard at it and even though I pushed him away and it seemed he gave up on me once, he didn’t really and truly give up.  In my time of crisis he was there, checking on me, being kind to me, not expecting anything in return… he put a hole in that steel wall.  That stole my heart even more.

I remember the moment I knew it was forever, the moment that led to the rest of our lives.   He had been gone on a trip taking care of some personal things and when he got home I went to the airport to pick him up.  Excitement welled up inside of me as I saw him walk down the runway.  Of course that was in the days when we could meet someone in the terminal… not like today 😉

We went directly to the park and walked and talked and ended up setting on a bench in the dark.  I can’t tell you all we talked about and it didn’t matter.  Sitting with there him alone in the dark… I felt safer and happier than I had ever felt before.  Those moments have been repeated over and over again in the past 17 years.  But in that first moment as we sat in the dark and talked, I knew it was forever, I knew we would never be alone again, I knew we were… infinite!

This was written from a prompt from Free Write Friday.  The topic was “Does this quote (from the above picture) remind you of the abandon and freedom of youth? Or maybe you have one moment that comes to mind? Or maybe the word infinite leaves you pondering its possibilities? Whatever this line says to you, tell me…”  To join the writing prompt click the button below and it will take you to Free Write Friday’s page.

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10 thoughts on “Infinite

  1. Carrie, I remember the day I accepted Christ into my life. I rose up from that altar with this overwhelming joy that began in my toes and rushed through my body until I sobbed uncontrollably. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. I remember the following months when I saw the world through new eyes. Giving thanks for all its beauty every chance I got. Some of my earlier writes were inspired and birthed from this time. You have made me miss that with this touching piece.

    Thank you for the needed reminder. You never fail me. ♥


  2. Love the reminiscing of memories, that is what keep us going – remembering! Never forgot the impact we have on others, whether we realize it or not. Great post!


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  4. Wow! What an an extraordinary post! It must have for sure been God’s will that you left me a comment about my meatloaf and I come over here to get some REAL meat to chew on. What a blessing you are! I am so glad to connect with you, sweet sister. Your writing is beautiful and inspiring! With love in Christ, Kelly


    • Wow… Thank you Kelly! I am honored and humbled. I can only pray that people can see how much they are loved when they leave this little place. I love the Free Write Friday prompts and this one is my favorite —> I would love to turn it into a full children’s story. To me is says it all when it comes to how we feel when we make a mistake… what matters is the Father’s love.

      Thanks Kelly! I hope to see you again! Blessings! Carri


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